Effective Student

Are your schools effective in delivering you a good education? Parents ask this question all the time but its important for the students to do the same. Sometimes, students have no idea what they should look for in the classroom. They've never experienced anything different and because of this they believe what they experience is the best they can expect from school.

Some basic facts should help you decide whether your school is effective or not. If you can answer yes to the questions below, you're one of the lucky students that has the opportunity to attend an effective school.

1. Do you spend more time on lessons than on waiting for the teacher to get the class under control?

A yes to this question means that your school considers orderly conduct important so everyone has the opportunity to decide whether they want to learn or simply quietly attend the class. The teacher can't force a student to learn but they can create an environment that's conducive to learning. This type of environment is one where the teacher has a firm control over the activities of the class.

2. Do you look forward to going to school because there's always something interesting to do?

Activities make learning fun. If your teacher finds ways to get you involved in the process of learning, you'll probably learn more and take an active interest in the subject matter. This is far better than sitting quietly listening to a lecture, although, sometimes lectures on topics can be exciting too.

3. Do you spend most of your school day in the classroom?

While that might sound a little odd, many students have to ride busses to school. If they live in a rural area, a distance from most of the population it's to be expected. However, if they have along bus ride and there are schools far closer than the one they attend, then they often spend more time riding the bus than they do in the classroom. Schools that utilize the student's time most advantageously as they also utilize financial resources are far more effective than those that don't.

4. Does your school reward hard work and good behavior and offer fast and consistent punishment for bad behavior?

Schools that reward those who perform in classes the way they are expected tend to have better students and be more effective than schools that take a lax attitude. Some schools are soft on bad behavior and offer multiple chances to those that breech the rules or seldom offer any type of meaningful punishment. This only encourages poor behavior and reduces the effectiveness of the school. The more rapid the punishment, the more effective it is.

5. Does your school encourage a sense of pride in yourself, your school and your community?

An effective school does all three. It helps students become the best they can be and promotes school and community activity. This type of school builds good citizens for not just the school but also the world.