Do YOU know the answer?

1. Are the classrooms today providing everything the students need?

2. Do the teachers receive the same backing and support of yesteryear?

3. Are parents happy with the role the school plays in their student's life?

4. Does the community feel the money they send to the schools benefits their businesses or life in any manner?

These are tough questions and have no right answer. The role of this site is to look for ways to improve the schools, its benefits for everyone and help lower the cost of education while improving the quality.

Schools today have become big business with little room for the input from the average parent, teacher or student, let alone the taxpayer footing the bill. One man can make a difference. That's the concept of the website. Through dialogue backed by action, you can return the schools to the center of learning and social function for the community but it isn't easy.

Each person needs to speak their mind on issues that affect everyone. No matter what your age, the role of the school and quality of education has an impact on your life. Older people with no children in the house feel the sting of increasing property taxes. Parents watch as their child loses hours of education because of bad behavior of others in the classroom. Teachers face the problem with their hands tied and yet administration expects them to perform miracles in the classroom while offering no support.

Students that want to learn receive punishment for their desire for a better education as bullies take over the class and take retribution on those more dedicated. Click on the images below to get more insight.

The next generation of students will become the leaders and workers of the world. If the workers cannot adequately read, do the simplest of math, understand basic concepts or follow directions, what will happen to the state of our country? Already America is falling behind other nations in the quality of learning.

We set our standards lower and lower every year and the students fulfill our constantly decreasingly expectations. It's time to rise up and regain the respect for education, improve the classroom and do what past teachers, parents, communities and students failed to do. We need change back to original virtues, beliefs and standards that somehow went to the wayside. The past has shown that education without discipline, demands without consequences and belief without action doesn't work.

The dedication of this site is to the people of the American communities that still believe that answers for education begin with talking points. The points made in these articles may not always be the right answer but they are a place to begin discourse.

Educating our students is a task for every member of the community whether they have children in school, are students themselves, are teachers or simply an active member of society. By joining forces, viewing education through each other's eyes, we can find an answer together.

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